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About The Coptic Orthodox Church in Denmark

The Coptic-Orthodox Community in Denmark is soon to celebrate its 40th jubilee. The Community has around 400 members, was founded by Egyptian immigrants in 1970, and was named St. Maria and St. Markus. In 1996 the Community bought the former Catholic wooden church on Køgevej in Tåstrup (Taastrup Hovedgade 162 , 2630 Taastrup). The church has since then been undergoing an extensive renovation. The priest of the church is Father Mousa Abdalla

The Coptic Orthodox Church Regulations & General Meetings:

  1. Annual General Meeting , (Minutes) , 24 . may 2014
  2. Annual General Meeting , (Invitation) , 4 . may 2014
  3. Annual General Meeting , (Minutes) , 27 . april 2013
  4. Annual General Meeting , (Invitation) , 7 . april 2013
  5. Extraordinary General Meeting (Minutes) , 4. Febraury 2012
  6. Extraordinary General Meeting (Invitation) , 12. januar 2012
  7. Pope Shenouda III statement on , 27. December 2011
  8. Regulations for The Coptic Orthodox Church , 14. April 2011

The church council for Coptic-Orthodox church 2013:

The current Coptic-Orthodox church council has five members.

  1. Fr. Markos Zaky
  2. Y. Habashy
  3. M. Meharib
  4. M. Sørensen
  5. K. Ishak

  6. Critical auditor: A. Dansholm

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About the Coptic Orthodox Church (General)

The phrase "Coptic"

The Word Coptic means Egyptian. It derives from the Greek Word Aigyptos, which originally comes from the ancient Egyptian HA-ka-ptah, which means the house of Pitah spirit. An admired divinity in Egyptian Mythology. From the Conquer of the Arabs and till this day, Coptic refers to the Christian Egyptians to differentiate them from the Muslim Egyptians.

The sons of the Faeroes

Copts are descendants of the ancient Egyptians and are defined as the modern sons of the Faeroes. They played a significant role in the first five centuries of the Christian history. Their religious background helped them to accept Christianity with eager and enjoy its serenity through meditation, and study of the Holy Scripture. In this subject we wish to shed light on the old Egyptian culture, and how it reacted to the new Christian believe.

The Coptic Language

The Coptic language is the last step of the ancient Egyptian language, which was written with hieroglyphs, hieratic and demotic types until our days. The Word Coptic is a word deriving from the Arabic Word qibt, which is contained in the Greek Word Aigyptios.

Coptic means Egyptian and also means the Egyptian language, which has been used in script with Greek letters from the second Century ac. and supplemented with 7 demotic sounds, which the Greek alphabet could not reproduce.

Coptic Language